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Search Inside Yourself Retreat 2019

Search Inside Yourself Retreat 2019

Every year Ohployees join for an all-day workshop. Oh believes that people have a higher growth potential when they invest energy on personal development. This year we partnered with Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI). The event was held at Rossi Farms, an urban farm in the Parkrose area. All events held at Rossi Farms help benefit local community and Parkrose High School athletic programs, a Rossi-family tradition spanning generations.

Oh was joined by Abri Holden, a SIY Certified Teacher, who facilitated the day with positivity and inspiration. SIYLI guides employees to better understand themselves and others, leading to “better workplaces ecosystems, which leads to improved productivity” (SIYLI, 2019). The topics covered included the neuroscience of mindfulness, mindful listening, and emotional intelligence. Throughout the day Abri taught us different mindfulness training techniques. Some of these were dedicated, a practice that you set aside time to do, integrated, a practice that can do in the moment, and micropractice, a practice that can be done in a 1 minute of less.

Mindfulness is at the intersection of sustainability and personal wellness. “Whilst little sustainability research addresses mindfulness, there is scientific support for [mindfulness’] positive influence on: (1) subjective well-being; (2) the activation of (intrinsic/ non-materialistic) core values; (3) consumption and sustainable behavior; (4) the human–nature connection; (5) equity issues; (6) social activism; and (7) deliberate, flexible, and adaptive responses to climate change” (Wamsler et al, 2018).


Wamsler, C., et al. Sustain Sci (2018) 13: 143.

SIYLI (2019)

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