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There's a new committee at Oh!

There's a new committee at Oh!

Oh's newest committee has officially kicked-off!

The Oh Mindfulness committee will provide opportunities for employees to develop mindful habits and practices, and to increase focus, awareness, empathy and intention; while respecting each other’s experiences, space and communication; maintaining a curious attitude to new experiences; and using the scheduled opportunity to practice being present.

This new committee was inspired by the topics covered at the SIYLI Retreat and an overall desire to delve into mindful practices. A third of the staff reached out through a survey to declare what they would like to focus on. Most people wanted to develop dedicated and integrated meditation practices. Many people stated that they wanted regular space and structure to meditate and reflect.

The first meeting covered introductions, expectations, and the envisioned structure for the committee. Each meeting will include a check in and discussion, a practice, new resources for members and a weekly practice challenge.

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