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We are dedicated to cultivating a diverse community which provides a positive contribution to the built environment so humanity can live in balance with nature.

In 2004, founding principal Deb France endeavored to create a firm that embodied values integral to making a meaningful impact on the built environment. Optimism and Health became the founding values that created our firm’s identity (Oh). We seek to communicate a positive, holistic approach which our team continues to manifest in each project we devote ourselves to.

We believe that architecture should adapt to the complex shape and flow of contemporary life. OHPD designs proactively for the needs of the environment and our clients through the responsible sourcing of materials, reduced energy dependency, healthy indoor environments, and resilience. We listen, observe and collaborate.

Our open studio is the plinth that supports the designers, thinkers, creators and dreamers who inhabit OHPD’s workspace. Virtual reality visualizations, incisive charrettes, spontaneous teaming activities all play an important role in our design process. We seek to provide architecture that sculpts the vision of our clients into an outcome that is more than its constituent parts.

Principals: Deb France, Leslie Melin, Andrew Pearson

Associates: Tim Ayersman, Colin McNamara, Evan McCullough, C. Nelson, Daisy Meade



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